06 July 2017

Aboud's Coffee

In the Palestinian village of Aboud, a Christian family found the way to make a living and look to the future with hope thanks to the products of their own land.

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Just 20 kilometers from Ramallah, lies the small village of Aboud, rich in history and traditions. Here, a Christian family found the way to make a living and look to the future with hope thanks to the products of their own land.

Jams of all kinds, sweet, spices, pickles, and a very particular barley coffee. In this manner, three years ago, the Hmeid family gave birth to "the city of flowers", an establishment of healthy and natural products grown in the fertile land of their property.

Shaher Hmeid
"We chose the name 'The City of Flowers' for our enterprise, because this was the ancient name of the town of Aboud. The name was changed to Aboud over the centuries, but for us villagers, the ancient, traditional one is the real name.”

"The City of Flowers" produces almost 20 types of different products, all raw materials are natural and free of preservatives, from poppy jams to fruit juices, spices and herbs.
In order to contain their delicious jams, the Hmeid family also started producing splendid gift boxes made according to local tradition.

Haneen Hmeid
"This creates an added value, because we combine the natural product with the ancient tradition of embroidery. Whoever buys these boxes, gives their friends a real traditional product.”

About two years ago, barley coffee was added to the already large product line. A new appearance for an important ingredient of the past. Historically, the use of barley has always been crucial to the Palestinian cuisine but over time it has lost its importance. The Hmeid family decided to reintroduce it in the form of a drink.

Basmah Saa’deh
"I had the idea of producing barley coffee two years ago: a family doctor in fact suggested that I use barley and gave us tips on how to set up a coffee roasting business. When, for example, our friends come to see me, they say that this coffee is really sweet and delicious. If you like, you can adjust the taste by adding cloves or flavoring it to your liking."

Basmah Saa’deh
"The benefits of barley coffee: it helps weight loss, it is good for those who have high cholesterol and it helps clean the kidneys and liver. Children can drink it because it does not contain caffeine, it is a cure-all remedy.”

Preparation is also quite simple and requires no complicated steps.

Shaher Hmeid
"First, we wash the barley and remove the impurities, then we put it on the fire and toast it to later grind it very finely, and finally, like coffee, it is boiled on the stove.”

The initiative of the Hmeid family is beginning to give its fruits and has a long way to go. Their hope is to give birth to a big project that can cover the costs and create new jobs in the region.

Haneen Hmeid
“Our goal is to advertise the Aboud Village through our products and inform the villages around us that their products can be developed as we did. Aboud is a village rich in history and beautiful places that must be made known to the world.”