13 December 2016

A Christmas parade through the streets of Bethlehem

On Sunday December 11, a parade of symbolic Christmas floats invaded the streets of Bethlehem. In this fashion, the city of the Savior is waiting for Christmas.

Actuality and events

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Growing expectations for this Holy Christmas in Bethlehem. Sounds, lights and Christmas floats. On Sunday evening, December 11, a colorful and joyful procession invaded the town of Bethlehem crossing for the second consecutive year the city's main street.

Director Media Plus – Parade Coordinator
"All around the world, people have a story to tell and we have the best story: the story of the Nativity. This is a historic event, but we wanted to depict it in a new, captivating way for the children."

Deputy Mayor of Bethlehem
"We are very happy to see how all the inhabitants of Bethlehem, children, men and women took to the streets to see and enjoy the Christmas parade."

A parade of floats which represented the coming of the Baby to the grotto in a new way. An event with the purpose to spread an atmosphere of joy and happiness to all those present.

Director Media Plus – Parade Coordinator
"Seven scenes, each of which tells the story in a new way: Mary, Joseph of Nazareth, the Nativity, the shepherds, the Magi. The things that people love to see at Christmas were also there: Santa Claus, the snowmen, sweet treats, white and red colors: all created to increase the children's joy and celebration."

“It is a great joy to see this event here.”

"I wanted to come here with my daughter and my wife. My daughter is older now. We hope to be able to come and see it every year."

The streets of the Savior's city were filled with hundreds of people, all gathered to watch the parade and take pictures. Young and old: joyful smiles. Bethlehem is waiting for Christmas.