03 May 2017

A family from Bethlehem visiting with Pope Francis

How do you make the sign of the cross in Arabic? A Italian-Palestinian family in Bethlehem taught Pope Francis how to make the sign of the cross in Arabic on the eve of his trip to Egypt.

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How do you make the sign of the cross in Arabic? Pope Francis could have used a tutor, before traveling to Egypt. Providence was generous and gave him two teachers: the Italian-Palestinian twins from Bethlehem: Lea and Antonio.

Catholic Action - Bethlehem
"Meeting with him and the children, Antonio and Lea, was exciting and what he said was interesting: he encouraged us to work with the diocese in the parishes and to be a happy and cheerful gospel presence in our daily mission. "

Vincenzo's family was chosen to represent the Holy Land, along with Archbishop Boulos Marcuzzo, Vicar of the Latin Patriarchate for Israel, at the Second International Congress of Catholic Action. Over 300 participants from 52 different countries met in the Vatican's Synod Hall on April 27 on the eve of the Holy Father's trip to Egypt.

Catholic Action - Bethlehem
"We live in a complicated place: Bethlehem, the Holy Land, the Palestinian Territories … We are called to bear witness not to a new, but to an ancient challenge.The great thing about attending this conference is that there are so many men and women here who are not politicians and who dedicate their lives to the parishes, working with God's people. This variety of people and talents, therefore, enrich all of us and our faith."