15 March 2017

A new youth center opened in Jericho

Built on a property of the Custody of the Holy Land, the new center will offer free extracurricular activities for youngsters between the ages of 14 and 29, from all over the territory.

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A new center where young people between the ages of 14 and 29 can engage, free of charge, in different educational activities and acquire new skills. The center opened on March 9 in Jericho, in the presence of numerous civil and religious authorities.
Created with the assistance of USAID, in partnership with ANERA and the IREX Institute, the new center was built on a property of the Custody of the Holy Land, near the Good Shepherd Convent.

Guardian of the Fraternity of Jericho
"This center will focus on gathering young people of different religions in Jericho and the surrounding areas to engage in sports activities in order to promote their personal development."

Custos of the Holy Land
"This center will give young people the possibility to get assistance to develop their own potential, their culture and their personal skills through sport, which can also improve their cooperation and fair competition abilities; all this is important because these values are especially beneficial for their social interaction."

The center will not be just focusing on sport: it will also offer courses in cultural and educational fields, including communications and mass media, web design and technologies, theater, painting and languages, thanks to a close cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Education.

Deputy Director - USAID
"In cooperation with IREX, we wanted to create a center for young people that would be able to offer them training courses and help them acquire new knowledge and skills. We believe it is important to dedicate a space for education outside of the classroom, through extracurricular activities ".

Teacher – Youth Center
"Our mission is to give young people the opportunity to gain practical skills in multimedia, so that they can express the issues about their city that are important to them. Being able to reach children outside of Jericho is important: we learned about the reality of young people living in different areas and we were able to teach them helpful skills.”

The center has already created 570 temporary jobs for local people during the construction, but it aims to help the youngsters find or create employment. How? First of all, by educating them to get involved and meet the challenges of life to contribute to society, as various speakers also pointed out during the inauguration.

Guardian of the Fraternity of Jericho
"The message I want to give these kids is that here they can show the best part of themselves and learn how to work and how to relate with each other, and this is the foundation of peace."