09 May 2017

Archbishop of Canterbury: pilgrim in the Holy Land

The visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Holy Land: 12 days of tours, meetings and celebrations in a spirit of dialogue and ecumenism.

Actuality and events

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12 days to celebrate the gift of faith and to affirm the Anglican Church of Jerusalem as a place of reconciliation. With these words, Lambarth Palace wanted to announce the visit of the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, H.E. Justin Portal Welby, to the Holy Land.

He is not only a pilgrim in the holy places: his visits to Jordan, Gaza, Galilee, Jerusalem and Bethlehem, to meet the leaders of the churches, the political leaders, but, above all, the local Christians and infuse in them a light of hope.

Pastor of Anglican Church of Christ - Nazareth
“The presence of Church leaders and of Archbishop Justin Welby is important to strengthen, preserve and encourage not just the Anglican, but the Christian presence, in the Holy Land.”

Anglican Archbishop of Jerusalem
"His visit is important because it strengthens the Anglican and Christian presence. Church leaders gathered to welcome him in this pilgrimage of ecumenical features. His presence here will help us in the future and will help local Christians to stay here."

An important association between Jerusalem and Canterbury, which took place on Sunday, May 7, when, during the ecumenical celebration in the presence of representatives of the different Christian churches of the holy city, the Primate of Anglican Communion was awarded the honorary title of Bishop Canon of Mount Carmel, in the cathedral of St. George.

Deacon - Anglican Cathedral of St. George - Jerusalem
“With today's appointment as Canon Bishop of this cathedral, we hope to symbolically strengthen our union with the Anglican communion. And its position here supports the unity between this community, this cathedral, in the mother city of our faith, Jerusalem, and that of Canterbury, home to the Anglican communion for the whole world.”

A meaningful visit, aiming to infuse a bit of hope, among the many difficulties.

Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury

“I heard everyone saying, even in the midst of great difficulties, tribulations and darkness, when we were in Gaza everyone was saying: “Christ is Risen!”, in other places they were saying : “Christ is Risen!”
We know that there is hope in the resurrection, even though in this life we experience sacrifices and sorrows, especially in this part of the world ...
When we look around and analize the complexity of the situation here, we wonder what the solution can be....where will hope come from....But then the answer is always the same: “Christ is Risen!”