22 May 2017

Embracing Diversity. Educate to "recompose the heart of men"

The three-year 'Embracing Diversity' project concluded in Bethlehem: 27 schools involved in a multi-purpose initiative.

Actuality and events

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On May 17, within the University of Bethlehem, the concluding event of the three-year project "Embracing Diversity" took place. A project created by the collaboration of the Ministry of Palestinian Education, the Custody of the Holy Land, AVSI and Terres des Hommes. 27 public and private schools spread across Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jericho were involved in this project with the goal of reducing exclusion, discrimination and social difficulties.

Head of the project "Embrace diversity" - AVSI
“This project is characterized by different activities, both with parents and with students, teachers and school administrations, in order to carry forward values that are defined as inclusive. In fact, it is about reconfiguring the heart of men.”

A school for everyone. Inclusive education to find ways to make schools a place for everyone and to create a common culture that takes care of every child in all dimensions.

Terra Santa School - Jericho
“This is the bridge that we created: in addition to beauty and peace, we also had a strong collaboration. The broken heart with different colors represents our diversity. Thanks to AVSI and the Custody, we reattached all the pieces of this heart with education and study. We all have different colors, but the heart is nevertheless made of love and humanity for this land that needs it so much.”

The project was funded with the assistance of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS). Through the workshops and other means, students, parents and teachers have learned to use new words such as self-confidence and self-esteem: terms that have contributed to changing the methods of instruction.
Civil Society Focal Point - Italian Cooperation
"Today, we are here for the final Ceremony of 'Embracing Diversity'. We are very proud of the achievement obtained in dealing with disability in all its aspects. Physical, mental disabilities, even learning difficulties ... to promote true inclusive education and thus guarantee a better future for the Palestinians. "

Terra Santa School - Jericho
"I think this project not only has helped us immensely in the educational work performed with students, at the same time we also learned to help parents who are our most important collaborators: because school does not end when the bell rings, but still continues at home. "

“You teach a lot with what you say, even more with what you do, much more with what you are.”
(St. Ignatius of Antioch).
An educational initiative that does not end here but that, over time, will continue to bear fruit.

Gen. Dir. Jerusalem Affairs Unit
“The humanitarian project "Education for all - embracing diversity" is the first seed planted. It will grow and involve several schools and will include all of them because education is the right of every student.”