05 July 2017

Festival of Lights: the Holy City shines even more.

Between June 28 and July 6, the Festival of Lights was held in Jerusalem. The event, which is already a tradition in Jerusalem, has attracted local residents and tourists.

Actuality and events

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In the northern hemisphere, it is summer and holiday time! Jerusalem offers many different alternatives to tourists and locals to enjoy this much anticipated time. One of these events is the Festival of Lights, a festivity that has already reached its ninth edition and which makes the Holy City shine in a very special way.

According to the event organizers, this is one of the most impressive light festivals in the world ... and this fact is not difficult to believe.

The walls of the Old Town turned into a canvas on which the incredible projections were perfectly synchronized with traditional music from Jerusalem.

In addition to the lights, games and attractions scattered all over the city guaranteed fun activities for adults and children.

Researcher - Hebrew University
"Every time I have the chance to participate in this type of events, I am always prepared and ready! So far, I have seen only five out of the thirty installations around the city. But the ones I saw so far are really beautiful and exceeded my expectations ... My children and friends are having a lot of fun, this is really a very nice event.”

"It is great to be here today! We came from India and it is always interesting to participate in festivals abroad during the year. My favorite feast here in Israel is Hannukah.”

The fact that people can contribute to the city lighting for this event is a novelty ... Here, for example, the harder the people pedal, the more lights will come on.

….while these led light swings release different sounds as they take speed ...

In addition to Israeli artists, performers from different countries including Canada, Australia, USA, Portugal and China also participate in the event.

At the entrance of the Old Town, you can come across some interesting installations, such as this car that surprises visitors by "turning" into a very original aquarium.

You can admire the contrast between the ancient and the new ... lights that never cease to be signs of joy and hope.

"This time, the Old City of Jerusalem lit up to create a meeting atmosphere for Arabs and Jews. I participate every year and I am grateful to the city of Jerusalem for this initiative involving Arabs, Jews, Christians and Muslims.”