13 July 2017

'Forgiveness': Conference in Jerusalem

A conference on the subject of forgiveness was held in Jerusalem. Two intense days of meetings and testimonies to reflect on the value of this word.

Actuality and events

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“Rising above the storm clouds”: this slogan opened a two-day meeting on the theme of 'Forgiveness', in the enchanting setting of the Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem. Exponents of abramitic religions, but also many other participants, gathered in the Auditorium to better understand the meaning of the word 'forgiveness' and the importance of education to forgiveness for young people through relationships and testimonies.

ELIJAH Interreligious Institute - Jerusalem
"Seeing religious leaders from all over the world, listening to the words of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, who spoke through a video, and thanks to the the presence of Cardinal Tagle ...we became aware that forgiveness is actually possible. His humility makes us realize that we have the power to change our way of thinking. "

Archbishop of Manila, Philippines
“I think this conference will make a great contribution not only to the Holy Land but to the whole world.”

“A very wounded world, where it seems that hurting each other has become a hobby.”

“Whether they are individuals or communities, families, even nations.”

“If we do not rediscover the power of forgiveness, there will be no peace.”

Forgiveness becomes part of a new education tool for consciousness and happiness. It is a necessary step in the education of all individuals that should begin in their childhood and above all, it is an important implement in the formation of new leaders.

Professor - Wisconsin University - Madison / USA
"Teaching forgiveness gives children a foundation to later be able to deal with injustice in their lives. When they will grow up, if they have not learned to forgive, they will look for a way to release their anger, resentment and hatred. In this way, we help the children learn how to adapt to the world. "

Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan
"We must teach our children forgiveness, otherwise we are only wasting time. When they will become adults, they will pursue these values. I gave them the example of John Paul II when he went to prison to visit his assassin and told him "I do not forget, but I forgive.”

Cardinal Tagle stressed during his speech the importance of "being witnesses of forgiveness" by learning from Jesus' own experience "Father Forgive them because they do not know what they are doing". (Lk 23:34), beginning right from Jerusalem.

Palestinian Minister for Religious Affairs
"The conference is a very positive step, and every conference that brings together different people to participate in a dialogue, whether they agree or not, is still an important step. We do not all have to agree, but we must at least have a dialogue to achieve a common goal.”

Professor - Wisconsin University - Madison / USA
"Jerusalem transforms hearts and this is why we are here. Being able to transform hearts (...) proves that we can actually forgive even with broken hearts.Therefore, we will be able to open our hearts and extend our love to others, which can in turn make them feel better. Forgiveness is a small step, but it is an important step in the peace process ..”