30 May 2017

The Charismatic Renewal Movement celebrates the Golden Jubilee in the Holy Land

A week before Pentecost, 700 members of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal went on pilgrimage to the sacred places visited by Jesus, before they traveled to the Vatican.

Actuality and events

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In 1967, God himself spread throughout the world a "rush of grace in and throughout the Church”, as Pope Francis said, referring to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal! RCC was born and is now is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

It is time, then, to celebrate ... On Pentecost, the members of this movement will meet with Pope Francis in Rome.

President of the National Council of Catholic Charismatic Brazilian Renewal
"Our heart is full of joy, expectation and hope, because we believe that the Lord will talk to us through our beloved Pope Francis."

They cannot go to the Eternal City without first making a pilgrimage in the land where the Holy Spirit came upon the church for the first time.

"Having the opportunity to be here to celebrate the Ascension of the Lord, preparing our heart for the great event of Pentecost, which is the renewal of the Spiritual Life of the whole Church, is a great blessing."

More than 700 pilgrims attended a conference for two days ... Among them, Patti Mansfield, who witnessed the beginning of this story at the University of Duquesne in the United States.

Charismatic Catholic Renewal
"I would say that we must return to our first love, when we were baptized in the Holy Spirit fifty years ago, when we all fell in love with Jesus ... I believe we will receive various golden blessings in this Golden Jubilee and one of them is the blessing to fall in love with Jesus all over again!"

Canção Nova Community
"God is calling us to a new beginning. It seems that the world no longer wants to obey the basic laws, it seems that the world has gone crazy. God is calling us to spiritual health, to mental health."

"Evangelizing is necessary" Association
"We must let God venture in our lives, we must let God launch new challenges not only in the Church, but in each one of us. Everyone must have the courage to say: Lord, I am open to your renewal."

One of the most significant moments was surely the procession on Saturday night. Holding the torches in their hand, the great group left the Notre Dame Pontifical Institute, where the meeting took place, and, passing through the Old Town of Jerusalem, arrived to Gethsemane.

The testimony of those who already experienced God's grace took place here, followed by a time of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

During the weekend, the testimonies of ordinary people also took place ... the testimonies of those who managed to come to the pilgrimage after making many sacrifices!

Domestic Worker
"It was difficult, but I did save the money in the jar that my supervisor gave me... I put all my savings there: my housewife salary and the money I earned in my bake sales....Despite the difficulties, I am very happy to be here and participate in this event of Pentecost, because the Holy Spirit is truly between us here.”

President of the Catholic Fraternity
"The retreat in this place was wonderful, this weekend was truly dedicated to God: this experience of God and the Holy Spirit was very powerful for my personal life, so that to give birth to the desire to start all over again, after 33 years of walking! And now, we are headed toward St. Peter's Square!”