05 June 2017

The Custody recalls the apparitions of the Risen Jesus by the Sea of Galilee

On June 2, the Custody of the Holy Land promoted a pilgrimage to Tabgha to recall the apparitions of the Risen Lord to the disciples.

Actuality and events

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"Not too far [from Capernaum] you can see the stone steps upon which the Lord sat. There, near the sea, there is a grassy countryside with abundant hay and many palm trees and nearby, seven fountains, each of which springs infinite water ... " These are the words with which the pilgrim Egeria described Tabgha in the fourth century.
According to the Christian tradition, three evangelical passages may refer to this holy place: the multiplication of the loaves, the discourse of the beatitudes, and the appearance of the Risen Jesus to the disciples.
In order to remember the latter, on June 2, the Custody of the Holy Land promoted a pilgrimage to Tabgha.

Custos of the Holy Land
"We have included this pilgrimage to this Shrine because we think it is wonderful to proclaim this gospel passage in the place where it happened: celebrating it here becomes a way to relive the experience, together with the pilgrims, with the faithful of our communities and with religious."

Families, consecrated people, children ... Hundreds of Christians came from Nazareth and Jerusalem, besides the pilgrims, to pray together with the Custos and the many priests present.

Christian woman - Nazareth
"I have been in this church several times in the past, but this is the first time I attend the mass that remembers the Risen Lord's apparitions. The celebration was beautiful! It was a privilege for us to come to the holy place where Jesus appeared! "

Choral Director – Nazaret
"We came to Tabgha today because these events stimulate us to stay connected to these places and to our church. Through singing, we offer the community the faith and talents that grow here."

The new boat-shaped altar has helped the faithful identify themselves with the episode narrated in the proclaimed Gospel.

Custos of the Holy Land
"It is a way to feel directly challenged to trust in the words of Jesus, to enjoy being with him, to put Him first and to humbly say, because we know our fragility: “You know everything and know that I am trying to love you” and later accept His challenge when He tells us: “follow me” , therefore follow Him!

Pilgrim from Brazil
"The Custos of the Holy Land, during mass, has invited us to renew our 'yes'. Visiting this holy place, I have taken the opportunity to do so, going back to two thousand years ago. With Saint Peter, I repeat: “Lord, You know everything, You know I love you.”