19 September 2016

The first Festival for Cultural Tourism begins in Bethlehem

Starting from September 14, the city of the Nativity has a new engagement. Event spotlights: theater, music, crafts and traditions.

Actuality and events

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Bethlehem has a new engagement: the first Festival of the city for Cultural Tourism that started on September 14. The Orthodox Syriac Scouts inaugurated the event by playing the Palestinian national anthem in the presence of civil and religious authorities.
The event was organized by Dalal Institution for Culture and Arts, in collaboration with the City of Bethlehem and the Rozana Association.

Director of Dalal Institution for Culture and Arts
"The purpose of this festival is to first create a stable program to enable the city to benefit from the presence of tourists and pilgrims, and offer them new opportunities."

'The seven districts' is a play presented by the Dalal Institution for Culture and the Arts, divided in several acts, that staged the cultural and traditional heritage of the city of Bethlehem.

Stylist - Bethlehem
"I am very proud to participate in this event which aims to revive the tradition and the history of Bethlehem, and that reminds us of its origins. I hope we can repeat the initiative in the future. For the show, we used original antique clothing, after a few alterations that we made to allow the dancers to move freely."

"The show of Dalal Group was truly exceptional. I really liked their idea of drawing on various elements of the local heritage for the performance and the dance: every movement had a special meaning."

Traditional crafts, including art work that represent the city of the Nativity, painted with Arabic coffee, were also exposed at the Convention Palace in the Murad Castle, which was built by Sultan Murad IV in 1630.

The activities introduced to the public at the Festival attracted great interest and cross-participation, setting the stage for this event to be scheduled every year.