30 March 2017

The new guest house in Bethlehem: Dar al Majus

The new structure created with the contribution of Ats and two European donors, thanks to the restoration of the Mosaic Center of Jericho: "The Wise Men" will be a meeting point, preserving the Christian heritage of the city.

Actuality and events

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It is a typical Palestinian hot afternoon and in Bethlehem, over two hundred people, including monks and authorities, volunteers, foreign and locals, have gathered a few meters from Manger Square where, on Wednesday, March 29, there is the opening of a new guest house.

ATS – Pro Terra Sancta Association
"It is a dream come true, it is a project that was created by a group of friends a bit saddened by the abandonment of the old town of Bethlehem and especially the Star way road, one of the main places of Christian culture and Christian roots of this city. (...) thanks to Providence we managed with the help of the friars and donors to obtain this house and to turn it into a project for the local community ".

Taking inspiration from the homily of Pope Francis on January 6, 2017 and from its historic ties with the city, the new guest house is called Dar Al majus, in Arabic The Magi. It is a guest house and a meeting place, it is an opportunity to preserve the heritage of the city and involve the local community. It will become a meeting place for those who want to live an experience of prayer, tourism or service in the Holy Land.

Project Manager ATS
"The heart of the project is 'social development community', as the local company has been involved from the beginning, since we are focusing on carrying out all the necessary steps to be able to hire local staff and therefore create new job opportunities. The end result of this restored house is translated in service for the whole community. "

Director - Mosaic Center Gerico
"Basically, our slogan should be “Living an experience”. We would like to deliver a special experience that remains in people's hearts. Do not just visit a place; do not just make a simple pilgrimage....Choose a deeper pilgrimage: share the experience with people”.

"The word 'guest' is very important, recalled Patton, the Custos of the Holy Land, just before the blessing of the building and the ribbon-cutting ceremony, in the presence of Mayor Vera Baboun and the entire municipal board.

On the roof terrace, the friars of the Custody donated the medal of the grateful heart, as a sign of gratitude to donors, such as the three wise men: ATS Association for the Holy Land, Father Javier Siegrist Madrid and Guya Modespacher Moscatelli, from Switzerland.

Between the buffet lunch prepared by the mothers of the cooking training launched by ATS a few months ago and the music of the young musicians, who live on the ground floor, the words of Pope Francis, who inspired the name of the guest house return to mind: