04 March 2013

The sad anniversary of the wall of Bethlehem

On March first, nine years ago construction of the separation wall began in Bethlehem. On the anniversary of this event, in the city of Jesus’ birthplace, Italians and Palestinians marched to the checkpoint to pray the rosary. And ask God for the gift of peace.

Actuality and events

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In Bethlehem, March 1 was a sad anniversary because nine years before, construction of the famous and infamous wall of separation that divides Israelis and Palestinians began. A group of people - every year – remembers the event in his or her own way: in prayer. "A bridge for Bethlehem" is the association that organized the event and fathered - especially from Italy through Pax Christi - many pilgrims of peace, as they are often referred to. A gesture aimed at all those who believe "in the power of prayer." On Friday, March 1 in the afternoon, the procession wound its way through the narrow streets that lead to Bethlehem. There was room to sing and - even more so when the wall the procession gets closer to the wall—as if to allow it to fall sooner.

Caritas Baby Hospital
"This is our hope and our dream. We know that the Lord will listen to us- in His own time - but we believe, and these Italian friends together with the Palestinian population who are marching through the streets of Bethlehem and Beit Jala, and who wish to cry out : this a time of peace, we want peace!"

Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

"We created this initiative together with friends at Pax Christi and many other friends came to Palestine, but it was very nice because this day is remembered, there is much prayer right now and a spiritual connection from Italy. Many parishes and many people have joined in this prayer and we believe that the prayers of so many people could put pressure on heaven, and the Lord will eventually get tired and give us his peace."

And at the wall, the day comes to an end. The pilgrims repeat the gesture, every Friday afternoon, and along with the Sisters of the Caritas Baby Hospital, they recite the rosary. Close to the Israeli military so that they too will feel the cry of an oppressed people. The most important thing is a prayer close to God’s heart. God, who is always close to oppressed people. After nine years, and who knows for how much longer. There remains one certainty that the strongest weapon protecting these people gathered in front of this eight-meter-high concrete structure is the rosary. A slower weapon, but an infinitely more powerful one.