27 April 2016

Artwork on prickly pear trees

A brush, a palette and prickly pear trees. With these simple tools, the young Palestinian Ahmad Yassin gives life to his creations.

Archaeology, Culture, and other Religions

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Among the green hills of Samaria, set in a small village not far from the ancient Shechem, today's Nablus City, the art of the 21 year old Palestinian has overstepped the boundaries of this land.

Talent, nature and acrylic colors give life to his creations: the cactus fig trees, the prickly pear trees.
The canvas is replaced by the thorny and fleshy branches of this trees. With a few tools, a brush and a palette, this artist creates his paintings.

“The idea of painting on prickly pear trees originated from my desire to express the concept of patience and perseverance.
In fact, while repeating the words ‘patience and perseverance’, I also said to myself: ‘why not? So I painted on the trees the Arabic word 'saber', which literally means 'patience'?”

A plant that is a symbol of uncontaminated nature. It grows everywhere spontaneously in this land, and it adjusts to all weather conditions. Strong and tenacious, and with a deep symbolism.

“Why did I choose this particular tree? The prickle pear tree is a perennial plant that lives long, like the olive tree, is resistant to drought, grows anywhere, its leaves are full of water; plus, we cannot forget the symbolism of this tree: this is the tree of steadfastness and resistance.”

Images full of meaning: hope and strength as well as patience and endurance.

"I painted an elderly Palestinian woman whose face expresses dissatisfaction with the reality. She is holding a key.
Later, I painted newborns, an artwork that I called 'The future', to express hope in the future for the new generations."

Nothing seems to be left to chance in his paintings and in his choice of the raw material.
The artwork of this artist reflects the will, the determination and the 'vitality' of his message.

“Through my work, I would like to attract more people to this new type of creativity, because creativity has no boundaries. This is my message.”