17 May 2018

Al Basma rehabilitation Centre: an opportunity for young disabled people

The Al Basma rehabilitation centre opens new opportunities for young people affected by mental illness

Christians in the Holy Land

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From its founding in 1991, the Al Basma rehabilitation Centre in Bethlehem welcomes young disabled people for therapy through activities in agriculture, the textile industry, paper recycling and soap production

Director of the Al Basma Centre
"The mission of the Centre is that of improving the situation of youth with mental problems. When they do get better, they manage to re-enter society with a greater rate of success. We have 33 beneficiaries of both sexes, even though we have more men".

The Al Basma rehabilitation centre has its fair share of daily challenges, mainly due to the lack of funds. But its doors remain open to all. This is a place working for the training and rehabilitation of the disabled in order to make them independent and able to integrate in local society.

Director of the Al Basma Centre
Every person is endowed with different gifts and abilities. We have the duty to unearth their potential in order to find that field where they may excel. At the end of their training, we discover true talent among them. If helped to feel independent, the students at the centre increase their self-esteem and begin to realise that they are not different to anyone else.

Supervisor at the Al Basma Centre
"The students suffer from mental disability and should not be treated as though they are different. I do my best to increase their self-esteem. They expect good guidance from us”.

Experience teaches us how mental disability, independently from how serious it is, does not impede any manual ability. These students have proven how one can overcome one’s own limitations and created a better society.