14 February 2017

The Faith and Light Movement celebrates its feast

On February 11, various disabled persons belonging to the Holy Land Faith and Light Movement gathered, along with their families, in Aylabun, to celebrate the annual festival of their own movement.

Christians in the Holy Land

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"Helping people with mental disabilities and their families find their place in the Church and in society." With this wish, the Faith and Light Movement was born in 1971, after a pilgrimage to Lourdes, promoted with the same purpose.

On February 11, the Holy Land members of this movement gathered in Aylabun, a small town in Galilee, for the Festival of Light.

Greek-Melkite Parish Priest - Aylabun
"About 12 years ago, when we started Faith and Light in Aylabun, there were many children who needed the Church to welcome and love them. We started with them. We take care of them, we organize a monthly schedule, we gather for prayer meetings and then we sing, we dance, we celebrate and give them courage. Now we also have other groups, in Shefa'amer and Ebellin."

The Faith and Light Movement offers a community process of mutual acceptance between different people. Through regular meetings, it creates the opportunity to build real friendships and to experience a deep encounter with the Lord.

Faith and Light – Ayalabun
"I have two children with special needs. Sister Camilia came to visit me one day. She invited me to start a group for people with special needs, a group of faith to brighten their spiritual life and to facilitate their social integration. Now our group also has a flag in the map of the Faith and Light Movement: our name is "Olives from Galilee".

Through the existence of 1,600 communities in 81 countries, Faith and Light spreads joy and gives testimony of radical evangelical hospitality to the whole Church and society.

Faith and Light – Shefa’amer
"Faith and Light gives me the joy and love that unite us in faith. It is Jesus who gives His peace to those who have pure hearts. "

Greek-Melkite Archbishop of Acre and Haifa
"Our society needs to review the concepts of disability and illness. Nowadays, who is able to recognize the sick? Our societies still kill children in the womb of their mothers, commit genocide against entire peoples, kill thousands of people in some countries and in many other lands, people are starving. We call normal whoever is responsible for all this and we call special our brothers in Faith and Light? It seems to me that these people give us a lesson: I can see the joy in their faces, however, when I look at the face of other people, I usually find only a few smiles."