23 May 2017

The last stage of the Bible Competition in Galilee

On Saturday, May 20, in Nazareth, the Bible Competition involving participants from different cities of the Holy Land concluded.

Christians in the Holy Land

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On Saturday, May 20, in Nazareth, in the St. Anthony Parish Center, the Bible Competition which involved 16 teams from different cities of the Holy Land, concluded.
Over the past 3 months, every Friday, two teams took turns in exhibiting their knowledge of sacred books answering questions of history, archeology and exegesis, before a jury and an audience.

Competition Participant - Ebellin
"We read some comments to better understand the meaning of the texts. In addition to general knowledge, we also had to memorize many Biblical verses. We spent so much time pondering about it! I have neglected so many other activities in order to prepare for the competition."

Competition Participant - Ebellin
"I have always been fascinated by the New Testament and I read little of the Books of the Old Testament. This competition has helped me discover and study books like those of the Proverbs, the Psalms ... even the book of Isaiah which I did not know before the preparation for the competition. This last book was what truly enriched me.”

The third edition of the Bible competition came to light in 2017. In previous years, participants were children and boys. This year, there were participants who were over forty years old.

Director - Bible Competition
"The purpose of the competition is to stimulate the reading of the Bible and the understanding of its true meaning. We wanted to develop the spirit of love and brotherhood among religions. What we have witnessed during the competition today, demonstrates the attendees' in-depth study by reading and meditating on the texts. This will surely change their daily lives.”

The initiative was also promoted by some Eastern and Western churches of the Holy Land. Their leaders were present to meet the winners.

Latin Patriarchate - Apostolic Administrator of Jerusalem
“This is a modern way to promote the heart of our faith, which is the Bible, especially to the young and the families involved. I think this is a very new-fashioned and contemporary practice and I hope it spreads not only through Galilee but also throughout the Middle East."

The winning team received a prize of a trip to the Vatican and to Istanbul, during which they will personally meet Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew.

Winner of Competition – Beit Jala
"This experience has enriched us with many revelations contained in the Bible. We have learned a lot from reading for this competition. And we made so many new friends!”

Winner of Competition – Beit Jala
"It was a wonderful experience! By dedicating more time to reading the Bible, we have received a great spiritual enrichment. The Bible is such a great and profound work! This was also an opportunity to prove that there are people in our country who are interested in the Bible, who really believe in it! We are the living stones!”