23 March 2017

Journeying with Jesus in Gethsemane, Pilgrimage

The second Lenten pilgrimage took place in Gethsemane: Journeying with Jesus in the sanctuaries of passion in Jerusalem.

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The second Lenten pilgrimage, Journeying with Jesus in the sanctuaries of passion in Jerusalem made stops at Gethsemane.

The evangelists Matthew and Mark denote Gethsemane as the place where the drama of the Passion of the Lord truly begins: human frailty expressed by this moment of sorrow and distress emerges from Christ's prayer.

For the Eucharistic celebration, the guardians friars of the basilica, gathered together along with various priests and local Christians. The Mass was celebrated by Father Donaciano Paredes and the homily was given by Father Matteo Monari.

Jesus reminded his sleeping disciples to pray so they would not "fall into temptation." This teaching is also contained in the Lord's Prayer: praying the Father not to abandon his children in the moment of temptation, and asking Him to give them strength to overcome temptation.

The evangelist Matthew tells of the greeting of Judas, followed by the kiss: it was a customary form of greeting in the Eastern populations, and indicated a close relationship of friendship.

Custody of the Holy Land
"We are celebrating the preparation of Jesus for the final sacrifice that He will complete on the Calvary. During Lent, we think of prayer, we think of fast and charity and we offer everything, through the agony of Jesus, for the salvations of souls.”

Among the evangelists, Luke is the only one to recall Jesus' bloody sweat caused by His extreme anguish and the comforting angel sent by the Father in that moment of darkness.

Custody of the Holy Land
"We all go through problems in our lives and here we can entrust ourselves to Jesus, who suffered as a real man, although He was true God. He understands our pain and submits it to His heavenly Father."

Pilgrim, Polland
"I think these masses are important, because they bring together all the pilgrims in this land, especially in these times, in which the situation in the Middle East is very difficult, as well as the condition of all Christians. It is really significant coming together before Easter in the Holy Land, in this sanctuary."