12 June 2017

"He loved them to the end”: seventeen new Deacons

On Sunday, June 11, in the Basilica of Gethsemane, seventeen seminarians received the order of the diaconate through the imposition of hands by Mons. Pizzaballa.


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"He loved them to the end”. With these words, written by the Apostle John, seventeen new deacons were ordained on Sunday, June 11, in the Gethsemane Basilica in Jerusalem.
Called from all over the world and formed here in the Holy City, the young religious at the Salesians of Don Bosco and the African Missionaries, said 'yes' to their call.

Apostolic Administrator of Jerusalem - Latin Patriarchate
“They said 'yes' with all their heart, in this place, the Gethsemane, the place of the last, definitive 'yes' by Jesus to the Father's will, Here, the deacons experienced the love they received which is greater than all they can imagine, love of which they will become witnesses, love that becomes service: they will serve the church and the world throughout their life.”

In their first step towards the priesthood, for the celebration, the new deacons chose the passage of the Gospel that tells about the washing of the feet during the Last Supper, where the church is born with this example of Jesus, the Master: a humble act of Jesus which - as Bishop Pizzaballa explained in his Homily - sums up all his life.

Salesians - Ratisbonne - Jerusalem
“Today is the end of the communitarian year, of the formation year...These young people, both Salesians and White Fathers – who were ordained deacons – received our training during the last three years: they followed theology courses and established friendships among themselves. They come from 15 different countries: Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, and they are united by their great motivation to become deacons to be able to serve the Word of God and the people of God.”