10 September 2015

Nativity of the Virgin Mary

The Nativity of the Virgin mary was commemorated in the Basilica of St. Anne in Jerusalem.


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The Franciscan monks processed from Saint Savior's Church to the Basilica of St. Anne, through the streets of the old city; and not even the sandstorm that hit Jerusalem on Tuesday morning discouraged the faithful from being there.

“It is important to try to learn from every situation we come across. We came to celebrate in the birthplace of Mary, our Mother, where it all began.”

The feast was marked by a Eucharistic celebration in the Basilica of St. Anne, with the presence of faithful and groups of pilgrims.

Secretary, Custody of the Holy Land
“According to tradition, this was the home of Joachim and Anna. This is the house that Joachim, a priest of the temple, owned in Jerusalem. Therefore, according to tradition, Mary was born in this place.”

We are located in the Pools of Bethesda, where, it is said, the healing of a paralytic took place.
Anne and Joachim lived here until Mary turned 12 years of age, at which time they went to Nazareth.
This group of Brazilians chose a very significant day to come to this holy place.

“It is a privilege, a blessing: a blessing from God for all those who come here.”

Missionary - Brazil
“Like all the sites here in the Holy Land, this really takes us back to the origins of our faith, of our ancestors and of our history, and this place makes us feel even more intimate members of Jesus’ family.”

The place where Mary was born and where she took her first steps still conveys a childlike tenderness: the same sentiment of that little girl who was designated by God to form the Holy Family.

Colombian woman
“We are very excited. We came here with our 14-month-old son, Alexander: this child is a blessing to our family, and we thank God for him! We are very happy that the three of us are able to experience such a holy place!”