26 April 2017

The Church celebrates the Feast of Saint Mark the Evangelist

On April 25, the Church celebrates the Feast of Saint Mark the Evangelist. We discover some aspects of the life of this disciple of Jesus in Jerusalem.


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The name of Mark, as explained by Father Matteo Munari, Professor of Biblical Exegesis, appears in five books of the New Testament ... however, we do not know whether all the passages refer to the same person or rather to other characters who were part of the First generation of Christians. One thing, in any case, is certain:

Studium Biblicum Franciscanum
"When we refer to St. Mark the Evangelist, we, above all, remember the interpreter of Saint Peter in Rome who, at the request of the locals, wrote a Gospel to remember all the preaching of Peter, so precious to their ears that they did not want to miss any details.

And after Saint Mark collaborated with Saint Peter's preaching in Rome ...

Studium Biblicum Franciscanum
"We know he went to Egypt, we also know that he evangelized the region that was near Alexandria and that he was the first bishop of Alexandria, in Egypt: this is why he is considered the founder of the Coptic Church and he is so important to that Church. It is said that he was a bishop until the years 62-63, when the bishop Aniano took his place. Then, according to tradition, he died around the year 68 AD.”

Nearly two thousand years later, in the Holy City, you can still see places related to his life. Brother Matthew believes that St. Mark's monastery, a Syriac-Orthodox church near the Holy Sepulcher, was built in memory of Mary's home, Mark's mother, in which many Christians gathered to pray during Peter's captivity.