21 June 2016

"A life-changing experience": a pilgrimage from Peru to the Holy Land

It is a group of 43 people and they come from Peru to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The trip was organized by JN19 Catholic Television.


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How long does it take to change a man's heart?
Less than a week.
This is what the faces and words of 43 Peruvian pilgrims express. They arrived in the Holy Land on June 7 to 16 with a wish: to return to the roots of their faith and pass it on to others.


Pilgrim - Peru 
It is not easy to describe: I am living above the clouds, and I can say that, spiritually and humanly, I am profoundly touched.”


Pilgrim - Peru 
"I am very moved by this trip to the Holy Land. I thank the Lord who brought me here because of His love for me. I walk where He walked, I follow in his footsteps in order to be able to proclaim the gospel to my brothers. "

The pilgrimage takes place every year and is partly organized by JN19 Catholic television JN19, under the leadership of its director, Father Manuel Rodriguez.


Director JN19 Television - Peru 
"I think this is a very special and unforgettable place that inspires us to continue to live our faith: here, you can perceive the live and direct message of the stones, the water, the paths and especially the places where Jesus performed miracles.”

The group began its journey from Galilee. On Thursday, June 9, the group attended Eucharistic Adoration in the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth. Later they visited the important places of the Gospel in different regions and countries of the Holy Land, all the way to Jerusalem.
In the holy city, the pilgrims walked, step by step, the Via Dolorosa, amid songs and prayers.


Pilgrim - Peru 
"This is a journey that everyone should experience! It is unfortunate that is far away, however, many people who wished to come here but were not able to, are spiritually present. We will tell them everything, we will bring photos and videos to allow them to see, so that at least spiritually, it will be as if they had come.”


Director JN19 Television - Peru 
"It was a life-changing experience, from the first moment we arrived: from now on, every time we will hear the Gospels, our mind will come back here, to these places that we saw, where we prayed and sang, where we listened to our guide’s elucidations, where we listened to the gospel ... this is important to strengthen our faith and at the same time to pass it on to others."