30 August 2016

"At the source of faith": pilgrims in the Holy Land

Pilgrims in the Holy Land: a lifetime experience. Many pilgrims were able to visit the land of the Gospel during these summer months.


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A lifetime experience: a personal encounter with the Risen Lord, a return to the roots of faith!
These and many others, the expectations shared by the thousands of pilgrims who annually visit the Holy Land, the same expectations possibly experienced by the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist as well as the Movement of Spiritual Renewal during the summer season.

Sister JEANNE D’ ARC, fse
Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist
“My experience here is different than I expected ... it is very peaceful, quiet and relaxed.
During the long journey I was nervous, wondering how it would be like to be in Jerusalem...
But here ... there is a serenity in the places where Christ was present, and that serenity is in the stones, and it is in the ground.
Being in the holy places, in Bethlehem, it is a great gift of the Mercy of God, who came to earth to be with us.”

Pilgrims guide
“Being here in the Jubilee Year of Mercy is important. There is a completely different atmosphere, because coming here to the Holy Land and retracing Jesus’ steps help us realize that God’s love for us is truly great.”

“This pilgrimage has a special significance. We became husband and wife in the Lord about two and a half months ago; this special trip was in our heart and we chose this pilgrimage as a honeymoon. It is a great gift of the Lord.”

From Galilee to Judea retracing the steps of Christ to experience the Christian spirituality that goes hand in hand with human history: trepidations and suggestions that make the pilgrimage to the holy land an intense experience of faith filled with new emotions.

Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist
“This is a place that I truly enjoyed in the company of my sisters, a place that touched me deeply. I was not able to picture the places of worship....I could not imagine how my heart would perceive them or how this experience could help me contemplate the mystery of Christ’s life.
I truly feel my friends’ presence here...especially at the Milk Grotto....there I really felt the presence of my friends, who are looking to create beautiful families and who really count on God.”

Spk1 00.00.10
Celebrations, meetings and intense moments of prayer marked these pilgrims’ special journey. They are the "ambassadors of prayer and peace".

National President, rns
"I am going to use Pope Francis’ expression of ‘outgoing church’, that is, a pilgrim church. Having a pilgrim church in the Holy Land in a Jubilee year is an extraordinary blessing. However, in order to have an outgoing church it is necessary to have an ‘incoming’ Jesus.
The Pilgrims of Mercy of the Holy Land feel the actuality of Jesus’ Gospel, which is all mercy and is an experience of mercy and which needs servers of mercy. "

Custos of the Holy Land
"All pilgrims are welcomed in the holy land for their spiritual journey.
I believe all movements and groups need a full immersion in the Holy Land since this could be their way to get in touch with the roots and with the source; this way they are also able to experience the Word where the word was made flesh."

National President, RNS
"Once again the Pilgrimage in the Holy Land is changing lives and has changed the lives of so many people"