04 April 2017

Discovering the 'geography of salvation'

American Pilgrims exploring the geography of salvation: their experience of faith, retracing the steps of Christ.


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Rhode island – USA
“Visiting the places where Jesus lived, walked, talked ... and died for us is such a powerful and moving experience!
The pilgrimage here ... truly changes your life!”

Rhode island – USA
“This is a great experience, because here the Gospel becomes alive. These are the places, the cities, in fact, that I have always heard about...beautiful places! This is a wonderful experience! And.... the exceptionality and the strength that I feel here are not easy to describe.....”

Turning on a new light: this is definitely one of the reasons that inspired these American pilgrims to step on the land of the Fifth Gospel, from Galilee to Judea, to live a profound experience of faith, an intense encounter with Jesus.

Vicar Provincial for the Mother of Merci Province
"For many of them, this is their very first time here ... and they love it! They have always dreamed about this place, they have seen it on TV and they have always wanted to come here ... and now they are here and this is exactly like they imagined it would be! "

Rhode island – USA
"I am so impressed and so grateful in my heart to be here! "

Having the opportunity to be in the place where the shepherds received the announcement of the birth of Christ by the angels, or on the site where the disciples used to gather in prayer, makes these places that we always dreamed about, real.

2o6 Tour – USA
"We organize about one departure each month ... we have brought thousands of pilgrims to the Holy Land and we are bringing many more! Here, they are able to see what they have always dreamed about... we make it a reality. Our job is a beautiful mission! "

A pilgrimage to the Holy Land encourages the reading of the Gospel, with additional and unexpected tools for understanding it.

Vicar Provincial for the Mother of Merci Province
"…..therefore, praying the Rosary, after a pilgrimage to the holy land, is like a continuation of the pilgrimage in your mind: you go back to the tomb of Jesus, to the Holy Sepulcher, to Nazareth, to places of the Mysteries of the Rosary and this truly improves your prayer. It is absolutely wonderful!"