29 April 2015

The dream of visiting the Holy Land

During the month of April, the Holy Land welcomed a large number of pilgrims. Visiting the holy places is a dream to many of them.


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During the month of April, the Holy Land welcomed a large number of pilgrims.

On the occasion of the Jewish Passover and Christian Easter, thousands of pilgrims from around the world visited Jerusalem and now with the arrival of Spring, groups keep coming.

Brazilian tour guide in Israel

“We received many groups and, thank God, during the month of April, the numbers sharply increased. I think this week the number of groups has gone up by 100% the number of groups.”

Commissioner of the Holy Land - Brazil

The pilgrimage is part of the life of faith, the experience of faith of all Christians. The Holy Land is the most important and coveted place to Christians the world over.

Commissioner of the Holy Land - Brazil

For many pilgrims, this is the trip of their dreams. It is an opportunity to touch the holy sites, to read the Bible in a different way. Coming here means experiencing feeling the Land where Jesus was born, was raised and suffered all of his Passion and where in the end he was raised from the dead.

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It is true that visiting the Holy Land is a dream but it is also a challenge. In addition to the financial aspect, there is also the fear that many people feel due to news coverage of the Middle East

“Valendar” Travel Agency-Fortaleza

Thank God everything is very peaceful. Whenever we decide to organize a group vist to the Holy Land, it fills up immediately. Everyone dreams of visiting the Holy Land.

We expect many groups in the Holy Land. Because what happens in other countries in the Middle East does not affect the safety of the places you can visit. We have no security problems. Groups can come here without fear.

It is a thrill to be here in the Holy Land. I bring pulgrims here twice a year. It is impossible to imagine what this visit is like, to walk in these places where our Lord walked. And also, there are some excellent hotels here and this is a safe, quiet place. Visiting the Holy Land is possible. It is worth the while!