10 November 2015

Tenth Anniversary of ‘Hogar Niño Dios’ in Bethlehem

The Institute of the Incarnate Word is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the ‘Hogar Niño Dios’ in Bethlehem.

Christians in the Holy Land

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Ten years have passed since the creation of the ‘Hogar Niño Dios’ here, in Bethlehem. The missionaries of the Incarnate Word began their work from nothing, and now this beautiful home next to the Basilica of the Nativity that can accommodate 50 people, seems like a dream.

Gabriel Romanelli
Vicar Provincial of 'The Incarnate Word' Institute
“We welcome children who are handicapped, poor, abandoned or orphaned, and children who have a serious moral or physical need. Right now we are caring for 25 children: the last one, the 25th, arrived recently as a surprise.”

Traveling from Argentina to be of service to these children in particular need was a good leap!

Sr. Maria Pia
In charge of 'Niño Dios' Community
“At the time, I would have never imagined being able to build this work of charity, since we did not even know the language. It was very difficult. Everything about this culture was totally new to us. And now we are here. We are very happy to be here today and to be able to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the ‘Hogar Niño Dios’!”

We are preparing for the Thanksgiving Eucharist, which will be presided by Patriarch Fouad Twal. There are children in wheelchairs and others in perpetual motion: we see the bustle of the volunteers, who are instantly recognizable by their many ways that reveal love.

Lucarini Simona
San Giustino, Umbria
“My story in this home began with a pilgrimage to the Holy Land that took us to the Grotto of the Nativity. I remember when Father Mario told us: "I will take you to a place now where you will see baby Jesus in the flesh." We came here to ‘Hogar Niño Dios’ and the love and joy of these children have truly conquered my heart. From there on, I kept coming back to help the children and to visit the nuns, when my work allows me. This is like a family to me, now.”

We thank God and we thank the many benefactors who have helped during these ten years, giving aid and cooperation:

Fr. Mario Cornioli
Fidei Donum Priest in the Holy Land
“The home started with only a room in 2005: today it is a beautiful home that can accommodate many children. This miracle happened thanks to the Providence, working through many friends, especially Italian friends, also our friends from UNITALSI, our friends of Mercy, and many other associations, even individuals, who helped to build this dream.”

This is Church, too. A Church that pleases and persuades hearts.

Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem
“This is the Church that everyone loves: the Holy Father and all Christians love it, the Muslims love it, everyone loves it. This is a Church that loves and serves.”